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Game Whats the Word was among the first games of this kind for Windows Phone developed by Random Salad Games LLC and managed to win the users' hearts. Some people also call it What's the Word. The rules are simple: 4 pictures appear on the smartphone screen, they are interconnected logically, associating them with one thing, you have to guess the key word which is an answer. All levels have their own difficulty level.

The game contains 9 albums, 24 words each, except for the 1st albums where there are 12 words, 2nd albums where there are 16 words and 3rd albums where there are 20 words. For each unriddled word you get coins which can be used for buying tips and thus make it easy to play. But it so happens that sometimes you are out of coins. That's why we have all Whats the Word answers on our site, specially for you. Now you will have plenty of free time, because you do not have to sit for hours and unriddle word.

On the site Whats the Word answers Windows Phone, all the answers are sorted out by albums like in the game for Windows Phone smartphones. Good luck and have fun!

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